Sanitaire 10Q Quiet Clean Time Machine Allergen Backpack Vacuum Review

At first glance, the Sanitaire 10Q Quiet Clean Time Machine Allergen Backpack Vacuum looks more like an oxygen tank that is used in scuba diving than a backpack vacuum cleaner. It even has a black colored main vacuum body with a sporty shoulder strap with red colored trimmings that gives an impression of a sporty feel to it. It looks nice enough to wear it on your back and I have no doubt that people would agree that it definitely looks good, but, can it perform up to expectations in regards too its apparent looks? One think that got my attention in regards to the Allergen Backpack Vacuum was it’s 6 piece tool set that was included in it’s standard packaging. It has 3 similar looking floor brush tools with each having a different application of use. 2 different lengths of aluminum pipe handles and 3 different sets of small tool attachments that can be used for small areas such as book cases and couches.

 Sanitaire 10Q Quiet Clean Time Machine Allergen Backpack Vacuum
The hose is made from sturdy silicon based rubber materials that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. It’s air filtering system uses the smallest filtrate fibers similarly to that used in water purification, which is guaranteed to safely extract some of the most common allergy causing pathogens such as dust mites and other similar particulates that can cause a threat to your family’s health. The Sanitaire 10Q runs on a 11.5 ampere, 1200 watt brush-less induction, DC motor that produces no more than 69 decibels of ambient noise, which passes international standards. You should really consider this especially when it is strapped behind you, putting you in the most closest proximity as it is running, surely you will definitely appreciate the refinements made to ensure that you do not go deaf if you were using a vacuum that is literally screaming behind your ears!
Using a backpack vacuum cleaner does take a lot of effort to get used to, especially if that vacuum strapped behind your back is constantly vibrating while you are using it. This vibration caused by the motor has been proven to cause stress in more ways than one. Added to the discomfort caused by earlier strap designs, using backpack vacuum cleaners during the early days of it’s development. The Sanitaire 10Q has an improved load dispersion technology that disperses 80% of vibrations produced by the motor. Re-engineering the motor by using a brush-less DC induction configuration that greatly reduced vibration and heat dissipation caused by operational friction.


Though the innovative design improved the reduction of the motor vibration, it did not compromise the performance of the Sanitaire 10 Q as it can effectively produce a constant 120 cubic feet meter of air flow per minute, more than enough to get the job done at half the time! Costing at around $525 dollars, the Sanitaire 10 Q was given a 100% conditional customer guarantee with a 7 day money back guarantee if the customer does not find the Sanitaire 10Q Quiet Clean Time Machine Allergen Backpack Vacuum to meet their expectations. It is pointed out however, that the customer must be the one to shoulder all return shipping expenses if they wish to redeem their money.

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