Oreck Commercial OR1006 Premier HEPA Backpack Vacuum Review

Oreck has been making many types of household and industrial cleaning appliances since it was founded way back in 1963 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Besides vacuum cleaners, Oreck also makes power sweepers, floor machines, chemical cleaners and air purifiers. Among the most patronized products that come from Oreck are their vacuum cleaners, particularly the Oreck Commercial OR1006 Premier HEPA Backpack Vacuum. The HEPA bag is washable and can be used for as long as 6 months. The Oreck Commercial OR1006 uses a 1,175 watt Ametek motor, from this information, I know for a fact that Ametek motors are usually brush-less type motors that produce less friction and vibration which can greatly reduce the load on the motor, resulting to a more quieter and smoother operational performance.


The Ametek motor that the Oreck Commercial OR1006 uses, enables it to produce an optimal 120 cubic feet per minute of air flow that is more than a sufficient amount of suction power that can adequately accomplish your cleaning requirements. 120 cubic feet per minute of air flow is equivalent to 120 inches of water lift which is the standard measurement in determining suction power. The Oreck Commercial OR1006 comes with a wand handle, a 4 foot vacuum hose including the multi purpose swivel joint floor tool connector that enables you to clean overhead vents, lighting fixtures and hard to reach places that are beyond the capacity of ordinary vacuum cleaners.


The Oreck Commercial OR1006 has an easy twist off lid that can be easily opened when the need arises for you to empty the dust collection bin. In view of issues regarding the limitation of some vacuum cleaners that lack an adequate length of their power chord, the Oreck Commercial OR1006 comes with a 50 foot electrical power chord that provides an effective cleaning area of 100 feet in diameter. This disregards the need for you to frequently move from one wall socket to another, therefore optimizing your time in finishing your job in half the time. The Oreck Commercial OR1006 weighs at around 9.5 pounds and costs $223.18 dollars, which is a reasonable price considering that it uses a Ametek motor that usually sells around at $150 dollars.

Although it is a good backpack vacuum in general, there are some critical points that revolve around the Oreck Commercial OR1006 such as the power switch holder that is attached to the waist, fall off from it’s Velcro strap when you bump something against it. Although it is a decent backpack vacuum it does lack some floor tools like a power rug cleaner that you have to purchase separately. The aluminum wand tool attachment did not have any ridges that can securely fit in the floor tool attachments that it meant on using the other wand tool handle as it was a little bit bigger in regards to it’s diameter that fitted snuggly with the tool attachments.

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