Irobot Roomba 630

iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets Review

There is no doubt that we have incorporated the use of advance technology on a daily basis, that resulted in a wide range of “smart” appliances that we currently use inside of our homes. Surely now you may have heard about automated vacuum cleaners that can efficiently clean your floors and carpets on their own. Some of these fascinating products of modern innovation can even be programmed to do routine cleaning chores on a daily basis, without the need of you having to supervise them. Even more astounding is the manner of how these automated self cleaning vacuum cleaners can actually recharge themselves and continue doing their cleaning duties until they fully complete it!


But it’s not everyday that I get to hear about an automated vacuum cleaner that it’s technology was originally designed and built specifically for the U.S. Defense Department as a weapon for the U.S. Military! The iRobot Roomba 630 design came from the concept of some of the most brilliant robotic design engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology way back in the early 1990′s. The original design concept was intended for use on Small Unmanned Ground Vehicles (SUGV), which were deployed for combat operational purposes which weans that the technology incorporated in the Roomba 630 is already battle tested! But of course, the Roomba 630 does not include the other military hardware that it was originally designed with.

Irobot Roomba 630
Irobot Roomba 630

What was retained from the original design was the special sensor that puts the Roomba 630 miles apart from other automated vacuum cleaners of it’s class. The “iAdapt System” that was designed for military purposes is now used by the Roomba 630 to actually give it’s computer brain the discernment of knowing which area on the floor that it is cleaning is more dirtier so that it can give more emphasis to that area! A more detailed information of its iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology means that the Roomba 360 can detect floors and carpet sections that it needs to clean and as much as it can. It seems to be a very constructive way to apply military technology that can help in making your homes cleaner in a more convenient and automated way!
It’s patented Dirt Detect Technology uses acoustic sensors that identifies areas that need cleaning, which means that it is a learning robot as well. Besides this, it also has a 3 stage cleaning mechanism that incorporates their AeroVac technology that “self cleans” the roller brush on the Roomba 630, discarding the need for you to worry about the build up of accumulated debris of hair that causes the air nozzles to get clogged. Its patented self cleaning brush mechanism conveniently disposes the collected dirt and hairs straight to it’s collection compartment. It also has a virtual wall sensor that designates it it’s area to which it will do it’s cleaning duties.

The Roomba 630 comes with a 12 month warranty on the unit itself, which is a reasonable amount of time to test it’s durability, but, it also provides a separate warranty for the battery as well that is limited to 6 months. Some companies don’t usually include separate warranties for the battery and this is a good gesture of faith in part of the manufacturers of the Roomba 630. For a price of $349.99 dollars with the added consideration that it has the integration designed primarily for the U.S. Military, the Roomba 630 is surely an automated vacuum cleaner that will give other competitors of it’s class a good run for their money!

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