DeWALT DC515K Wet/Dry Vacuum Review

DeWALT has been in the business of making power tools for a very long time now, and is one of the first manufacturers of portable hand held power tools. DeWALT’s brand name is synonymous to precision workshops that are engaged in all sorts of crafts from metal works to wood working establishments. It’s no wonder why the though of creating a portable rechargeable hand held vacuum cleaner, so they can efficiently clean up after their work is done in the workshop. The DeWALT DC515K was designed for rugged handling since it’s first intent of use was purely for workshop purposes. It has a rubberized grip handle where the control switch is conveniently located for easy switching. The DeWALT DC515K can be handled in two ways, one being a hand held unit which you can simply operate using one hand, and the other, by removing the 2 and a half foot silicon rubber hose from it’s harness which easily transforms it to a hose vacuum.


The DeWALT DC515K was not specifically made for indoor cleaning purposes, as it was simply designed for quick clean up jobs on the work bench. Despite of this, DeWALT actually had made the DC515K into a wet and dry vacuum which is a very appropriate design factor considering the very purpose of it’s use. The DC515K has a ½ gallon liquid containment compartment where you can fill it up with plain tap water and add your choice of cleaning solution, whether that be detergent or any water soluble cleaning solution that may fit your needs. Considering that the use of any liquid is very advantageous in regards to loosening up tough stains and grime that may otherwise be difficult when using conventional vacuum cleaners. Cleaning up the DC515K is fairly easy as it has an easy open latch that securely fastens the containment unit when it is in use, inhibiting any liquid that is inside it’s containment compartment from leaking out.


The DC515K has one single power on and off switch that is conveniently located along it’s rubberized grip handle. This vacuum is very easy to operate even with just one hand without letting go of the handle since the switch itself can be accessed by your thumb. In regards to it’s air filtering system, the DC515K uses a Gore HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that can capture wet and dry particulates and sediments as small as 0.3 microns. This can efficiently capture 99.97% of all airborne particulates in the your work area, considering that an average workshop has more airborne particulates than your average home environment. The DC515K Gore HEPA filter can easily be washed after use just as long as you completely have it dried off before inserting it back into the unit for use.
There is one draw back regarding the DC515K that has been a recent issue from several of it’s users that have already tried it for themselves, and that is concerning it’s rechargeable battery. The DC515K comes in with it’s standard Official Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, which includes it’s batteries. The standard batteries that come with the DC515K are 18 volt Nickel-Cadium batteries that do not perform as well as Lithium-Ion batteries, though DeWALT acknowledges this issue, they have marketed a separate Lithium-Ion battery pack which will give the DC515K 40% more power and operational efficiency. The XRP battery is sold separately and is not included in the DC515K’s package. Despite of this, it is just good to know that DeWALT manages to stay consistent in regards to it’s products battery pack, and it is a very convenient means of being able to interchangeably use all DeWALT power tool batteries as they are all compatible with each other, making their availability easy.

The DeWALT DC515K weighs in at an average of 6 pounds without any liquid in it’s containment unit. At it’s retail price of $129 dollars, and being given a 3 year limited warranty on parts and services, DeWALT also assures it’s customers of a 90 day, money back guarantee in the event that you do not feel that the DeWALT DC515K does not meet your expectations.

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