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Today, the 4th generation of the Bissell family are still designing and manufacturing great Bissell Carpet Cleaners at affordable prices. Here are just a few of the best selling Bissell machines available today.Bissell Quicksteam 2080This is essentially a lightweight model which has been designed primarily for light carpet cleaning and spot cleaning. Being an upright cleaner, the Bissell Quicksteam 2080 is ideal for cleaning small carpets and area rugs, and it is also an excellent choice for removing small stains and etc. Because of its design, the Quicksteam 2080 Bissell carpet cleaner is perfectly suited to those living in small apartments, particularly if there are no small kids or pets. If you like your carpets to smell fresh, and you don’t want to fork out huge amounts of money for a professional carpet cleaning service, then the Quicksteam 2080 is certainly one of the Bissell carpet cleaners worth considering.Proheat 2×9400
Unlike the model mentioned above, the Proheat 2×9400 is designed to deep clean carpets of all sizes, and it has an outstanding reputation regarding its ability to remove stubborn stains. This model is also an upright carpet cleaner which retails for just under $300, but of course it also comes with various accessories which make it possible to clean difficult areas such as stair risers.


The Proheat 2×9400 is also great for cleaning upholstery, and you’ll find all the necessary attachments are included. Owners can also take advantage of the different settings for normal and heavy traffic areas, and of course the rinse function means your carpets will be left free of any cleaning residue.Proheat 2x Select 94003The Bissell Proheat 2xselect 94003 is an upright carpet cleaner that is designed especially for pet owners. This carpet cleaner not only deep cleans your carpet like the 2×9400 but it also pulls pet hair from deep in your carpet that normal vacuuming leaves behind. While it won’t make old carpets new again it does remove most set in stains and leaves your carpet deep down clean and fresh smelling while removing pet hair that other carpet cleaners miss. Most users love the deep down cleaning this carpet cleaner provides.The SpotBotThe Bissell Spotbot is advertised as a hands free cleaner that you simply set over a spot or on your carpeting push a button and walk away. The Spotbot then releases the amount of cleaner necessary, scrubs the stain and then beeps to signal you when the job is done thus allowing you to tend to other chores while the Spotbot does the stain removing for you.It does allow for hands on cleaning of upholstery and car interiors. It is a handy little cleaner for those who have small children who have a tendency to spill colorful drinks or animals prone to accidents on carpeting making it possible to spot clean small areas without hauling out the full size carpet cleaner.As you can see Bissell Carpet Cleaners are designed to meet just about every kind of carpet cleaning needs that you might have.


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