10 Steps to Do It Yourself Carpet Cleaning

You know the moment when you go over the edge. You have had cleaning your carpet on your list of things to do for weeks, but you have been too busy with other things. Then it happens; the spill to force action. Although high traffic areas have bothered you for months and the dullness in certain areas of your carpet have caught your attention on occasion, there is that one spill that launches you into the actual act of ‘do it yourself’ carpet cleaning.

There are several things you can do to make your own carpet cleaning as effective as professional carpet cleaning.

Remove as much furniture as you can from the room to provide as much surface area as possible:
By revealing as much of the floor as possible, you allow yourself to more readily access the carpet and clean it thoroughly without the worry of protecting the legs of furniture from moisture.

Vacuum the carpet carefully and thoroughly:
You can clean the carpet more effectively after the surface dirt and debris have been removed.

Make sure you have access to the water you need:
Some carpet cleaning equipment requires access to water and some requires very hot water. If you are cleaning an office or other room that does not have access to water, you may need to bring in a professional carpet cleaner.

Get the appropriate equipment for the job:
For light cleaning, a lightweight home cleaner may be a convenient way to keep things tidy. For heavier cleaning, consider renting a machine that may have better extraction.

Treat spots and high traffic areas:
Pre-treating your carpet can make all of the difference in the world. Use a spot cleaner that is compatible with your carpet and with the overall cleaner you will be using.

Do not over wet the carpet
Using too much water and not getting it thoroughly extracted can cause shrinkage. You also run the risk of allowing mildew to form in your carpet.

Carpet cleaning

Make sure that you have products that are appropriate for your carpet
Check with the manufacturer about the recommended carpet cleaning products for your carpet. Make sure to avoid anything they warn against. It is a good idea to spot test a discreet area before using it on the entire floor. Some homemade carpet cleaners can be gentle and effective. Whatever you use, be careful not to leave residue.

Be careful not to compromise stain resistant carpet
Some carpets are treated for stain resistance. Make sure that your carpet cleaning product does not reduce the effectiveness of your stain treatment.

Apply stain resistance if necessary
You may want to consider applying a stain resistance product, especially if you have pets or children. Make sure your carpet is fully cleaned before application so that you don’t seal in the stains.


Dry the carpet thoroughly
Make sure your carpet is fully dried and that drying time is not too long. It is important that people not walk on the carpet with any dirt or grime on their feet while the carpet is drying, as this will adhere readily to wet carpet.

‘Do it yourself’ carpet cleaning may not be your idea of a great time, but it can be a good way to achieve the results you want without straining your budget or bending your schedule to accommodate the scheduling of a hired cleaner.

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